‘Unassailable truths don’t exist, or if they do, they are dull’. -Theodor Fontane

Posted on May 27, 2011


It is with these rather wise words that I would like to inaugurate this new blog. Now, I have no clue who Theodor Fontane was other than he was a nineteenth century German poet, but I am very fond of this particular quote which (I admit) I am deliberately using without being aware of the context it has been extracted from. As a disclaimer I will immediately point out that this seems like a very straight forward quote and that it can hardly be misinterpreted unlike other more popular and fashionable quotes ie. “Carpe Diem” or “Panta Rei”. I decided to start with a quote for two reasons: firstly, this is my first ever blog post and need to gain both confidence and momentum. Secondly, I was dying to start some kind of written piece with a quote since -as a history student- I have constantly been ‘advised’ by my tutours not to do so, or else my assignment would ‘probably’ fail. Although I do apreciate my tutours’ effort to make my classmates and I better historians and better writers, I am starting to like the sort of creative freedom that this blog is giving me. Indeed, creative freedom is exactly what I am ultimately pursuing by starting this very unadventurous adventure. This blog will be exploited as an output for all the thoughts, beliefs, considerations and doubts that university essays just will not allow me to put into words. I aim to be inspired by everyday life, by observations, by personal and non-personal experiences, always trying not to fall in the inconclusive and much too common vortex of pretentiousness. I will try to be as honest, as sincere and as clear as I possibly can and may you who read this please know that I’m open to criticism and debate; in Herr Fontane’s words, “unassailable truths don’t exist”: following this belief I will merely attempt to produce accounts of the world we live in, seen by an unremarkable young and perhaps naive student who can’t yet stop being amazed by this world’s lack of unassailable truths. A world that, with the benefit of youth, never fails to entertain me.

I hope I can deliver, through this medium, the same entertainment and interest that will push me to update this blog, during the following weeks, months or years.

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