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Italy and the Libyan quagmire

May 21, 2017


The toppling of the Gaddafi regime dealt a serious blow to Italy’s then-unchallenged position as Libya’s most important economic partner. The somewhat rash interventionism of France and Britain left a domestically weak Berlusconi government struggling to quickly find a clear strategy on how to best deal with what was virtually a fait accompli by London and […]

Far from being defeated, Boko Haram still poses a major threat to security and stability in Nigeria and West Africa

May 25, 2016


© Diariocritico de Venezuela  Last May – after a period of relative absence from the international media – the terrorist organisation and self-appointed ISIL franchise briefly stormed back to headlines when one of the 219 schoolgirls kidnapped more than two years ago in Nigeria was found. Despite this still being the only girl to be […]

Why do civil wars tend to defy traditional approaches to ‘conflict resolution’?

October 12, 2015


There is agreement in the field of conflict studies that intrastate wars are different from interstate wars. The literature, however, is largely inconsistent when it comes to the study of civil wars, in that while some scholars analyse civil war as a whole, others prefer to analyse ethnic civil war in particular. This discrepancy may […]

The Motives for Liberal Italy’s Colonialism in Africa – Dissertation

May 5, 2013


Abstract Italian colonialism was, in its time, unlike any other in Europe. It was short lived and arguably improvised. It had been unified in 1861, when the other European powers already directly or indirectly controlled much of the world. Moreover, one of the driving sentiments of the Risorgimento had been the right to self-determination, which […]

Giulio Douhet and Air Power Theory

October 19, 2012


Giulio Douhet was an Italian General and one of the first and foremost aerial warfare theorists of his time.  In The Command of the Air (1921) he claimed that the introduction of aeronautics to armed conflict had created a new battlefield, beyond those of the land and sea. He argued that an air force should be […]

Column – Kony 2012

March 8, 2012


As soon as I realised how viral the Kony 2012 film has become, I was utterly amazed by the amounts of support the Invisible Children campaign is managing to gather in such a short amount of time. We are talking about just under 40 million views in 3 days, since the film was uploaded on […]