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Why do civil wars tend to defy traditional approaches to ‘conflict resolution’?

October 12, 2015


There is agreement in the field of conflict studies that intrastate wars are different from interstate wars. The literature, however, is largely inconsistent when it comes to the study of civil wars, in that while some scholars analyse civil war as a whole, others prefer to analyse ethnic civil war in particular. This discrepancy may […]

The Motives for Liberal Italy’s Colonialism in Africa – Dissertation

May 5, 2013


Abstract Italian colonialism was, in its time, unlike any other in Europe. It was short lived and arguably improvised. It had been unified in 1861, when the other European powers already directly or indirectly controlled much of the world. Moreover, one of the driving sentiments of the Risorgimento had been the right to self-determination, which […]

Giulio Douhet and Air Power Theory

October 19, 2012


Giulio Douhet was an Italian General and one of the first and foremost aerial warfare theorists of his time.  In The Command of the Air (1921) he claimed that the introduction of aeronautics to armed conflict had created a new battlefield, beyond those of the land and sea. He argued that an air force should be […]

The Rome-Berlin Axis: To what extent was Hitler’s decision to form an alliance with Mussolini the result of ideological affinity between the two regimes?

October 1, 2012


Cooperation between Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy started in the mid-1930s as a merely political commitment and culminated in 1939, with the Pact of Steel: a military alliance. The alliance between the two states is not as easily explained as imaginable. Hitler’s racial ideals saw the Germanic race as the one to rule the world, […]

Diplomatic Politeness

May 10, 2012


In a 1936 message to the German Foreign Ministry, the German ambassador at Rome stressed, in the most polite way, the need for caution in assessing Italy’s dubious military capabilities in the eventuality of a world war on Germany’s side: At any rate, we have cause for taking the most cool-headed view of the ratios […]

Fiuggi, 28 July 1911

March 6, 2012


Judging from the international situation and the local situation in Tripolitania, I am today convinced to consider the probability that, in a few months, Italy might be forced to carry out her military expedition to Tripolitania. It is necessary… to consider this probability, while at the same time, I believe, trying to avoid it. The […]

Is History a Bad Teacher?

January 8, 2012


My previous post, “The Hypocrisy of Disarmament”, which compared current affairs with the past, made me think about how hard it has been for people to learn history’s lessons. Hegel thought that all history teaches is that it doesn’t teach anything at all. This post will further develop the idea that Western and Israeli fears […]