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Italy and the Libyan quagmire

May 21, 2017


The toppling of the Gaddafi regime dealt a serious blow to Italy’s then-unchallenged position as Libya’s most important economic partner. The somewhat rash interventionism of France and Britain left a domestically weak Berlusconi government struggling to quickly find a clear strategy on how to best deal with what was virtually a fait accompli by London and […]

“Counterinsurgency is 100% Political” (David Kilcullen): a look at Afghanistan.

August 10, 2014


The amount of politics required to successfully engage in a counterinsurgency campaign has been an important element in the academic debate in the field of counterinsurgency for decades. However, while under no circumstance should percentile figures on just how political counterinsurgency is as a form of warfare be taken as scientific truths, the debate does […]

Can terrorists pose a threat to a state’s security?

April 1, 2014


It can’t be denied that terrorists have the potential to threaten a state’s security, however it is debatable whether terrorist groups can potentially threaten the very existence of a state. With 9/11 suddenly shifting the attention of US foreign policy onto a “cross-border, non-state, network-based phenomenon” which drove the US to declare a ‘global war on […]

‘War is Terrorism with a Bigger Budget.’ A discussion.

February 10, 2013


“Throwing a bomb is bad, dropping a bomb is good; Terror, no need to add, Depends on who’s wearing the hood.” In order to examine and put this statement to the test it is necessary to focus on the concept of terrorism rather than that of war. This is because of the two concepts, it […]

Obama goes ahead with Iran sanctions

April 1, 2012


Obama authorised heavy economic sanctions on friday as he believes that global oil supplies are large enough to allow nations that haven’t cut their oil imports from Iran yet to join the countries that already have. The sanctions will hit all foreign banks that continue to carry on oil-related business with Iran’s central bank and […]

Assad accepts UN peace plan

March 27, 2012


Kofi Annan,  in Syria as a UN representative, has communicated that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has accepted the UN-sponsored peace plan. The plan includes the withdrawal of heavy weaponry from population centres, the release of prisoners, freedom of movement and access for journalists and unimpeded humanitarian assistance. China and Russia have shown their support for […]

Syrian rebels attack Damascus

March 19, 2012


Heavy fighting reached Damascus early this morning, with unofficial reports speaking of 4 casualties from both sides. Open conflict extended to Syria’s capital after car bombs exploded in Damascus on Saturday and Aleppo on Sunday. One of the opposition leaders, Mohammed Sayyed Rassas of the National Coordinating Body for Democratic Change (NCB), was arrested on […]