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Italy and the Libyan quagmire

May 21, 2017


The toppling of the Gaddafi regime dealt a serious blow to Italy’s then-unchallenged position as Libya’s most important economic partner. The somewhat rash interventionism of France and Britain left a domestically weak Berlusconi government struggling to quickly find a clear strategy on how to best deal with what was virtually a fait accompli by London and […]

What does Trump’s victory mean for NATO?

November 10, 2016


The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America casts a shadow of uncertainty over the future of the NATO alliance. His boisterous claims that some NATO allies should pay up in order to enjoy America’s protection make for uncomfortable reading today in many European capitals. Unless rebuked, they could strike a […]

Is NATO a ‘three-tier’ alliance?

October 16, 2016


© Defence Images Despite commitments by NATO Member States to increase their defence budgets, it is unlikely that many of them will indeed reach the 2 percent target by 2024. While some large NATO economies actively seek to project their power on a global scale, others are quite comfortable in their role of regional powers […]

Why do civil wars tend to defy traditional approaches to ‘conflict resolution’?

October 12, 2015


There is agreement in the field of conflict studies that intrastate wars are different from interstate wars. The literature, however, is largely inconsistent when it comes to the study of civil wars, in that while some scholars analyse civil war as a whole, others prefer to analyse ethnic civil war in particular. This discrepancy may […]

“Counterinsurgency is 100% Political” (David Kilcullen): a look at Afghanistan.

August 10, 2014


The amount of politics required to successfully engage in a counterinsurgency campaign has been an important element in the academic debate in the field of counterinsurgency for decades. However, while under no circumstance should percentile figures on just how political counterinsurgency is as a form of warfare be taken as scientific truths, the debate does […]

The world’s only superpower is unable to play the part

May 6, 2014


  Ever since the end of the Cold War and the death of the bipolar system of state power, the world’s attention has largely focused on the struggle between the USA and a series of ‘rogue states’. If a superpower is a state that has the economic and material means to project its power anywhere in […]

Can terrorists pose a threat to a state’s security?

April 1, 2014


It can’t be denied that terrorists have the potential to threaten a state’s security, however it is debatable whether terrorist groups can potentially threaten the very existence of a state. With 9/11 suddenly shifting the attention of US foreign policy onto a “cross-border, non-state, network-based phenomenon” which drove the US to declare a ‘global war on […]