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Is NATO a ‘three-tier’ alliance?

October 16, 2016


© Defence Images Despite commitments by NATO Member States to increase their defence budgets, it is unlikely that many of them will indeed reach the 2 percent target by 2024. While some large NATO economies actively seek to project their power on a global scale, others are quite comfortable in their role of regional powers […]

Far from being defeated, Boko Haram still poses a major threat to security and stability in Nigeria and West Africa

May 25, 2016


© Diariocritico de Venezuela  Last May – after a period of relative absence from the international media – the terrorist organisation and self-appointed ISIL franchise briefly stormed back to headlines when one of the 219 schoolgirls kidnapped more than two years ago in Nigeria was found. Despite this still being the only girl to be […]

Can terrorists pose a threat to a state’s security?

April 1, 2014


It can’t be denied that terrorists have the potential to threaten a state’s security, however it is debatable whether terrorist groups can potentially threaten the very existence of a state. With 9/11 suddenly shifting the attention of US foreign policy onto a “cross-border, non-state, network-based phenomenon” which drove the US to declare a ‘global war on […]

The Motives for Liberal Italy’s Colonialism in Africa – Dissertation

May 5, 2013


Abstract Italian colonialism was, in its time, unlike any other in Europe. It was short lived and arguably improvised. It had been unified in 1861, when the other European powers already directly or indirectly controlled much of the world. Moreover, one of the driving sentiments of the Risorgimento had been the right to self-determination, which […]